Legal service on divorce in Vietnam

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    Legal service on divorce in Vietnam
    In recent years, belong to the development of the economy and society, international connection and cooperation relations are increasingly expanding, accordingly, the problem of divorce involving foreign elements is increasing day by day. How do divorce in the fastest way if you are a foreigner? Realizing the difficulty of foreigners when divorced in Vietnam, Apolo Lawyers (Hotline: (+84) 903.419.479) provide divorce service in Vietnam

    There are three types of divorce in Vietnam, such as: (i) divorce by mutual consent; (ii) unilateral divorce; (iii) Divorce involving foreign elements. However, in this article, Apolo Lawyers will make clear the subject of a divorce involving foreign elements.

    1. Divorce involving foreign elements
    Divorce in Vietnam means the termination of the relationship between the husband and the wife under a legally effective judgment or decision.

    Divorce involving foreign elements means divorce in Vietnam in which at least one partner is a foreigner (divorce between Vietnamese and foreigner) or an overseas Vietnamese or in which partners are Vietnamese citizens but the bases for establishing, changing, or terminating that relation are governed by foreign law, or that relation arises abroad or the property related to that relation is located abroad.

    2. The competent authority settling the divorce between Vietnamese and foreigner

    The competence to settle divorce between Vietnamese and foreigner in Vietnam at the Court must comply with the Civil Procedure Code and Law on Marriage and Family.

    According to Law on Marriage and family 2014 and the Civil Procedure Code, the competence to settle divorce between Vietnamese and foreigner in Vietnam is of a province-level Court, except in the case that is stipulated in clause 4, Article 35, Civil Procedure Code 2015.

    3. Procedure for divorce in Vietnam between Vietnamese and foreigner
    Step 1: Divorce applicants write an application for divorce in Vietnam and send a set of divorce applications to a competent court for settlement.

    Step 2: If the court accepts the application, considers it in accordance with its competence, and in accordance with the law, the court shall issue a notice of payment of the court fee advance to the applicant. The applicant shall pay the court fee advance and return the court fee advance receipt to the Court. The court accepts the divorce case and issues a notice of acceptance of the case to the procuracies of the same level and the defendant (related persons).

    Step 3: The court shall handle the case according to legal procedures.

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    4. Legal service on divorce in Vietnam at Apolo Lawyers
    Apolo Lawyers is known as one of the most prestigious with divorce service in Vietnam. If you are in a mess and do not know the divorce procedure and you want to save time, money, and effort. Especially, when you choose us, you only need to go to the Court once to sign. After 15 days, you will receive a divorce judgment.

    When providing legal services on divorce in Vietnam, Apolo Lawyers is responsible for helping with the following matters:

    • Support to carry out the dossiers regarding the divorce, the division of assets, and debt among spouses.
    • Set the terms for child custody and child support if there are children involved.
    • Conduct thorough research in order to gather supporting evidence in each case.
    • Compile detailed paperwork and then submit to the court documenting the evidence.
    • For legal separations, our lawyers carry out the separation through court orders.
    • Propose the divorce mediation to come to a sensible divorce agreement that meets both of your needs.
    • Others works to provide divorce service in Vietnam
    Apolo Lawyers - Solicitors & Litigators is proud to be a law firm with many years of experience in supporting our clients in divorce involving foreign elements. Therefore, if you have any questions about divorce involving foreign elements and need support to conduct divorce service in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact Apolo Lawyer via email: and hotline: (+84) 903.419.479 to be consulted and helped in the most optimal way.

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